Analytics Lead, Growth Analytics

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia Full-time

For over 15 years Quantium have combined the best of human and artificial intelligence to power possibilities for individuals, organisations, and society. Our solutions make sense of what has happened and what will, could or should be done to re-shape industries and societies around the needs of the people they serve.


We combine a diverse team of experts that spans actuaries, statisticians, data scientists, product leaders, strategy consultants, software engineers, delivery managers, industry experts, designers, and futurists – all dedicated to harnessing the power of data to drive transformational outcomes for our clients. We implement renowned data handling techniques, without which clients cannot fully realise the strategic and commercial value of their data.


We always go beyond mere data-led insight, into actionable commercial solutions that reshape businesses, categories and, at their very best, society at large. Quantium delivers ground-breaking solutions in data and technology. We develop, analyse and monetise datasets, generate insights, create decision support tools and embed automated decision engines. We bring all this to bear in Q, which powers everything we do.


The Growth Analytics Lead Analyst is a technical role (with a commercial element) to support the application of analytical solutions for new and innovative projects, product development, new markets expansion or securing and growing strategic clients, to accelerate the growth of Quantium. It will involve working closely with other members of the Growth Analytics team, client staff when working onsite, and members of the Product team in some cases.

Some international travel is likely to be required, with extended periods of working onsite at client offices sometimes being required.

The role offers the opportunity to develop a range of technical skills on cutting edge projects, and take on some commercial responsibilities.


Key responsibilities

  • Ownership of one or more substantial parts of a technical solution. Depending on complexity, this can be the data component or the model / algorithm. This will involve:
    • Designing the component
    • Checking whether it has been built correctly
    • Contributing to the build where necessary
  • Provide direction and guidance for less experienced team members. This can involve setting goals, helping them solve technical problems and reviewing outputs
  • Ownership of parts of the project management, which will involve project planning, running scrums and creating materials for stakeholder updates
  • Support business development activities

Key activities

  • Working in a team of analysts and data scientists to develop new analytical solutions
  • Can include all components from data checks and manipulation through to modelling and other advanced analytics
  • It is typically done in Spark / Scala or Teradata for data preparation and Spark / Scala or R for advanced analytics 
  • Reviewing code, diagnostic output and methodologies of more junior members of the team
  • Developing slides or other materials to help communicate project outputs
  • Presentation of interim and / or final results to client
  • Handover, including documentation, of work to longer term owners (in some cases)
  • Projects typically consist of a small team of people (3-5) working on one task, with a mix of different skills and experience levels. Our projects almost always present us with problems that require statistical models or bespoke algorithms to solve.

Experience and education required

  • 4+ years of hands-on experience in a highly technical analytics environment, carrying out data analytics or data science work
  • Tertiary qualifications in engineering, mathematics, actuarial studies, statistics, physics, or a similar discipline
  • Experience in designing technical solutions
  • Experience in Spark / Scala, R, modelling and unsupervised learning is desirable
  • Stakeholder and project management experience
  • Problem solving skills
  • Ability to pick up new tools and approaches quickly

What does success look like?

  • A successful Lead Analyst will be able to:
  • Design and build an appropriate end-to-end modelling / algorithm pipeline that can:
    • Extract and manipulate data
    • Build features
    • Train a model or run an algorithm
    • Assess results
    • Output scores / results
  • Identify warning signs which suggest that a different approach needs to be taken
  • Assess data validity and be able to summarise data issues
  • Allocate tasks to junior team members and review their work
  • Train junior team members in technical tasks
  • Communicate technical issues (be it with data or an algorithm) to senior team members
  • Act as a key point of contact for the client while working onsite when more experienced team members are offsite

Key business capabilities required: 

Analytics and Modelling - Data Manipulation - Manipulate data effectively to improve its functional application, useability, interconnectivity, or quality

Analytics and Modelling - Method Application - Accurately and appropriately apply the specific method to meet the needs of the problem 

Analytics and Modelling - Data Discovery - Ability to explore the availability, suitability and compatibility of available data and assess the viability of the project/product/partnership

Analytics and Modelling - Insight Generation - Convert information into meaningful, actionable recommendations for Quantium's clients and partners

Analytics and Modelling - Insight Visualisation - Represent information in a format designed to make explicit the value in the data, in an easily understandable and meaningful way for the audience



If you submit an application or expression of interest to The Quantium Group Pty Ltd, we may disclose your application or expression of interest on a confidential basis to our related companies, and joint venture companies, including Quantium Health Pty Limited.  We will only make such disclosures for the purpose of considering your application or expression of interest and opportunities in those organisations.