Lead DevOps Engineer

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia | Product and Technology | Full-time


Since 2002, our data teams have wrung every bit of information they can from our clients’ data in order to give them the insight they need to make a real difference to their business.

Times and technology have changed, but this remains our goal. Instead of wrangling single, SQL-based databases and ASP.net web applications, our MapR Hadoop platform runs across 200 nodes with multiple clusters and .net APIs and react.js/Angular 1&2 web products plugging in. Our Hybrid on-prem/cloud platform is also coming along nicely.

Our industry-leading partners’ real-world data sets and SAAS product requirements are growing along with their complexity so we need to adapt our ways of working to allow for better CI/CD pipelines, performance, availability and all the rest of the “Devops” buzzwords. We need someone to lead the charge.  We’re hoping that’s you.

Our Platform Team have done a wonderful job in providing as much support to our product focused engineering teams, but with some serious infrastructure initiatives underway, they need to focus on that area, while allowing for a team to allow us to deploy at scale.

This role is pivotal for Quantium to deploy and grow its machine learning product capability both in the local market and overseas by enabling effortless operation of the pipelines in hybrid environments.

It’s at this point I’d normally give you an overview of the tech involved. But let’s face it, you know that way better than us. That’s why we’re hiring this role.

Role Details/FAQ:

What is it the I’ll be working on?

We have an initial product environment for you to use as your test bed, to get to know the business and the ways we have been working up to now. You will be embedding with our engineers, data scientists and wider product team to bring a new definition of what an engineering environment looks like from a release perspective.

Q.Refinery is the Quantium flagship offering for the banking vertical, ingesting millions of bank transactions, curating and enriching them using advanced analytical techniques. Our engineering team develops data pipelines leveraging Spark and the BidData ecosystem in order to deliver our analytics capability to our clients, either on premises or in the cloud.

Once you’ve shown what you can do here, you will be given the keys to the kingdom, bringing your knowledge and capability to the wider product engineering environment, building a team and a whole new capability.

Who can I expect to work with?

We work in multi-discipline teams so you’ll be working alongside Data Scientists, Analysts, Testers and platform engineers, depending on the project. For this role, however, you can be expecting to work far wider, influencing thought and direction.

What are we looking for in the ideal candidate?

Firstly, you can be anybody, from any walk of life. Before we get to your skills we want you to know that we actively try to foster an environment where all our employees feel safe, welcomed and celebrated. We look for the same in all people we hire

You’ve scaled the divide between systems and code many times previously, bringing harmony where previously there was confusion. Where fear and inefficiency previously resided, you brought joy and confidence in deploying at 4pm on a Friday.

You’re a pragmatist, a true engineer and love to solve complex issues agnostically, using whatever tool makes the most sense from a technical, people and business perspective

Do you have a bullet point checklist for me to check off my suitability?

We know people are not bullet points but sure thing!

You have:

  • Release/Deployment/Application Engineering Leadership Experience
  • Ideally, exposure to Big Data systems (Spark, Kubernetes Hadoop ecosystem, Cassandra, Kafka)
  • Exposure to Agile and DevOps process, approaches and methodology
  • A passion for solving problems and writing efficient applications
  • An awareness of considerations around structuring data on distributed systems to support analytic use cases
  • Strong experience in one or more of the following public cloud platforms; AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and a desire to work with many
  • A love for knowledge sharing, you know what works, but you’re also happy to learn new methods and technology

What does Success look like?

  • After 1 month, you’re embedded within the team, you can easily engage with various team members, digest comments and raise constructive feedback. You understand the Refinery pipeline and its development lifecycle. You’re already hands-on in operating the already in production capabilities
  • After 3 months, you’ve been proposing significant improvement in our development pipelines and ease the process of building, testing and deploying Q.Refinery
    You understand well the Quantium environment and knows how to navigate the organization
  • After 6 months, you’re operating Q.Refinery at scale and can infuse some of your knowledge in other teams and communities at Quantium. You liaise actively with the various platform teams to create alignment and drive betterment of our engineering capability
  • After 1 year, you’ve unified the way we manage our pipelines at Quantium beyond Q.Refinery
    You’ve established automatic and resilient technical and human processes our minimize the operation overhead and risks

Ok, the work sounds great, but what’s in it for me?

Quantium takes care of its biggest asset – our people. We believe there is more to a successful career than just hard work. To this end we provide a range of personal and professional benefits across six broad categories:

Our exceptional growth means new and exciting career opportunities at Quantium. New clients, new projects or new roles – our growth plans power bigger and better career possibilities for our people.

We work hard but we don’t take ourselves too seriously – ask anyone who has been on one of our annual trips away! Our people have cited ‘Fun place to work’ as one of the top 5 attributes of working at Quantium. Our world-class offices are fitted out with office games and stocked with food and drink all year round.

We offer a market leading range of financial and insurance benefits and entitlements.

Health and wellbeing
Healthy body, healthy mind. Quantium believes in promoting ways for you to maintain and improve your health and personal wellbeing. Our team enjoys a range of activities, including group fitness sessions, yoga, health advice and various team sports

We recognise the need to balance personal and family commitments with your work. At Quantium you have more control over how, when and where you work. We also recognise the importance of holidays and time to recharge so we always do our best to accommodate leave requests.

Quantium understands that family is important. We support the needs and career aspirations of our colleagues with families. From the arrival of a newborn to your child’s Christmas concert, we ensure you have the support to spend the time you need with your family