Senior Platform Devops Engineer

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia | Engineering | Full-time | COVID-19 remote


Founded in 2002, Quantium combines the best of human and artificial intelligence to power possibilities for individuals, organisations and society. Our solutions make sense of what has happened and what will, could or should be done to re-shape industries and societies around the needs of the people they serve.


Quantium works with iconic brands in over 20 countries. With over 800 staff, we are headquartered in Australia and have offices in New Zealand, South Africa, India and North America.


Times and technology have changed, but this remains our goal. Instead of wrangling single, SQL-based databases, our MapR Hadoop platform runs across hundreds of nodes with multiple clusters using the latest big data technology.


Our Platform Engineers have a lot of influence on the technical direction of platform services, and you'll be involved in helping to shape the future of our cutting edge platform and the team that builds them. As a lead within the team, you'll be helping to set the team direction, build the knowledge of other team members, and apply your deep technical knowledge to challenging problems.


What you'll be doing

You'll be responsible for working with Lead Engineers to ensure:

  • Our Data Analytics platforms advance and remain on the cutting edge
  • Our Data Analytics platforms are robust, reliable, secure and fit for purpose.
  • Our Platform team is productive and moving the platform forward along its roadmap.
  • Contributing to the team's objectives, and moving the team forward along its feature roadmap.
  • Working with other stakeholders to define the team's roadmap
  • Working with other Lead Engineers to define and evolve the platform's high level design.
  • Working within and helping to evolve the team's agile devops processes.
  • Sharing your existing and emerging knowledge with the team.
  • Mentoring and supporting other team members.


Skills & Requirements


Do you have a bullet point checklist for me to check off my suitability?


We know people are not bullet points but sure thing!


You should have 8+ years experience in a Software Development or Systems Administration role, with at least 2 years of experience in a team lead role.


Key activities :


• Design, develop and maintain platform orchestration software for cloud and on-premise systems • Design, develop and maintain platform deployment automation and scripts in a variety of languages (primarily python, terraform and bash)

• Monitor the platform and perform proactive maintenance of platform software

• Work with platform users and platform team analysts to solve users’ issues and share cluster status information.

• Share knowledge and collaborate with the rest of the platform team and beyond to solve problems.

• Design, develop and maintain system solutions that are stable, secure and automated to facilitate business growth

• Perform technology evaluation & select the appropriate technology to solve problems

• Work with team leads to define the product and technology roadmap for the platform 


Experience and education required




• The ability to learn new technologies fast.

• Software Development Experience (in one or more of: Python, , Java, Scala)

• Linux Administration skills (we use Ubuntu, but experience with any modern distribution)

• Issue investigation and problem-solving skills (preferably on distributed systems)

• Ability to collaborate closely with others inside and outside the team.

• Containerisation in distributed environments (preferably Docker, Mesos and Marathon or Kubernetes)

• Experience of working with on-premises system deployments.

• Experience with Agile/Devops Team processes.


Desirable Experience


• Working with public cloud providers and managing resources in major cloud platforms (AWS, Azure, GCP)

• Experience of working with on-premises system deployments.

• Deployment Automation and orchestration tools (preferably ansible / terraform)

• Continuous Integration, Delivery & Deployment (preferably Jenkins)

• Monitoring technologies (ELK, Sensu)

• Technical mentoring of others  

• Experience of working with on-premises system deployments.

• Experience with Agile/Devops Team processes.



What does success look like?


Success in this role will require you to adapt quickly to changing requirements, and keep pace with new technology.


  • After 3 months you'll have a good understanding of our existing technology stack, and you'll be problem solving and developing new features on a daily basis.
  • After 6 months, you'll be well established within the team, and able to work independently on the majority of the platform components/services. You'll be a subject matter expert within the team for at least one of our technologies.
  • After 12 months, you'll be taking on responsibility for day-to-day running of some aspects of the team.