Product Marketing Specialist, Q.Refinery (Sydney or Melbourne)

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia | Marketing | Full-time | COVID-19 remote



Since 2002 Quantium have combined the best of human and artificial intelligence to power possibilities for individuals, organisations and society. Our solutions make sense of what has happened and what will, could or should be done to re-shape industries and societies around the needs of the people they serve. 

As one of the world’s fully diversified data science and AI leaders we operate across every sector of the economy and we’re growing fast - with growth comes opportunity! We’re passionate about building out our team of smart, fun, diverse and motivated people. 

We combine a team of experts that spans data scientists, actuaries, statisticians, business analysts, strategy consultants, engineers, technologists, programmers, product developers, and futurists – all dedicated to harnessing the power of data to drive transformational outcomes for our clients. 

We actively foster a culture where our people can stretch themselves to reach their full potential. 
We also know that work has to work for you, and modern life is fast-paced, and balance can be tricky. You want to work where you are respected and valued as an individual, not a number. Quantium embraces a flexible and supportive environment dedicated to powering possibilities for our team members, clients and partners. 


About the Product Marketing Team 

The Quantium Product Marketing team is dedicated to being the driving force behind getting our Quantium products to market and keeping them there.  

We represent the voice of the customer to our internal stakeholders, and we are the voice of our products back to our customers. We partner closely with our client-facing, product and customer success teams to oversee all customer lifecycle communication from onboarding through to renewals.  

We own the positioning and messaging of our products to market and convert technical product features into tangible benefits that enable sales teams. We keep our user community informed and aware of new product and feature developments, driving engagement and value realisation across our offerings.  

Quantium is a high-growth company and as such, it makes being in the Product Marketing team a dynamic and exciting place to be. In the last 12 months we've launched new products in existing and new markets, and will continue to do so. We're looking for the right marketer to join us on this ever-changing journey! 

We're a tight-knit team who have each other's backs. If you get stuck with a piece of copy, want to brainstorm a campaign strategy or need to troubleshoot HubSpot, there is always someone to help you out. We love a good laugh, and appreciate the art of a perfectly timed GIF (we use Slack as our company messaging platform). 


Role Summary 

Designed specifically for banking and financial institutions, Q.Refinery is a powerful insights tool that uses cutting edge data science and AI algorithms to transform raw unstructured transaction data into powerful, actionable insights. Different functions  within a bank are able to draw on Q.Refinery to help them better understand and engage their customers. This includes improving customer loyalty through better personalisation; deepening customer relationships by being better able to anticipate and serve their needs; and capturing new high value customers and better manage risk in real time.  

In this newly-created role dedicated to Q.Refinery and Financial Services, you will be supported by the Executive Manager, Marketing to design and deliver the campaigns and activities that support the GTM strategy for Q.Refinery, to help achieve our customer and growth objectives. This role is an important part of our company growth strategy, particularly for our offshore markets, where we are experiencing rapid growth.  

In this role, you will engage and collaborate with stakeholders across multiple areas of the business (product, customer success, consulting, analytics), to maximise the impact of your marketing initiatives with prospects and clients. 


Key Responsibilities 

  • Become the Q.Refinery go-to-person: the voice, advocate and champion of Q.Refinery, with a strong understanding of it's real-world, every-day application to our target personas within the banking and financial services market, in Australia and overseas.  
  • Execute the marketing campaigns and activities that are part of the GTM strategy for Q.Refinery, pulling in where relevant elements of brand and digital marketing thinking.  
  • Support and drive the development and publication of a wide range of marketing material that will feed into the end-to-end marketing campaigns you will design. Initially, these campaigns will be very much focussed on top of funnel activity but over time they will range from top to bottom of the marketing funnel.  
  • Support our Q.Refinery product teams as and when required to deliver key product updates or attribute enhancements on the Q.Refinery product roadmap. 


Key Activities 

  • Develop and share a deep understanding of Q.Refinery, the market segments, customers, and buyer personas, that will inform the marketing and communications strategy.  
  • Collaborate with our client facing teams to show and amplify compelling use cases of Q.Refinery to capture the attention and mindshare of target personas in the market. Use these use cases as the foundation for creating and running a number of marketing campaigns that will generate TOFU MQLs.  
  • Work with our client facing teams to create customer case studies to add colour, context, relevancy and endorsement of Quantium and the Q.Refinery story. Deliver these testimonials in a variety of formats and via the optimal channels to amplify these.  
  • Learn our systems and tools to be able to independently build HubSpot campaigns to launch, track and report on outcomes and marketing ROI.  


Experience and Education Required 

We’re looking for someone with banking / financial services industry experience, who is an impactful storyteller that can bring our products to life and capture the attention and mindshare of our audience. We need a marketer with a passion for copywriting who is able to bring our solutions to life through their storytelling capabillities.   


In addition the above, you:  

  • Are able to translate long-term strategic goals into immediate activities.  
  • Don’t have to have used HubSpot, but you will need to have had prior experience with the modern marketer’s toolkit. This could be Adobe, SalesForce, Marketo, HubSpot, social listening tools, and audience research tools (like Sparktoro, for example).  
  • Have ~5 years of experience in product marketing. This could be supplemented with experience in a related marketing specialisation such as brand or field marketing.  
  • Have excellent organisation, communication and presentation skills, with the ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously with aggressive deadlines 


What does success look like? 

  • After 3 months: strong understanding of Quantium objectives, products, market segments and key stakeholders. Under the guidance of the Executive Manager of Marketing and the Executive, Banking Product, you will have defined the target audiences and built and launched your first banking campaign with a specific focus on the US and EMEA markets.  
  • After 6 months: a well-developed internal network of stakeholders across the product and client teams.  
  • After 12 months: a well embedded rhythm of product marketing and communications activities, driving tangible outcomes (growth and product usage) and receiving great feedback from prospects and clients. 


Key People and Leadership Capabilities Required 

  • Self-aware - you leverage diversity across people, tasks, client interactions and projects, taking responsibility for self and other 
  • Agile and innovative - you possess strong lateral thinking skills and actively develop these in others 
  • Achieve and perform - you have exceptional execution skills and are achievement focused 
  • Brand advocate - you anticipate and consider brand and cultural impact in decision making 
  • Purposeful and aligned - you are able to set clear, tangible objectives which deliver against our strategy 
  • Achievement oriented - you effectively facilitate challenging performance related conversations in a timely and appropriate manner 
  • Coach - you demonstrate the ability to coach and develop others while facilitating learning, growth and engagement